Notes on Life

Right Left  Speak

Who is PorshaBrandi? We know she has Mega Talent!

Performing Arts has been apart of my life for twenty-eight years now. The passion begin as a young lady at Ludington Middle School in Detroit, Michigan. While a student writing school plays and enhancing my speaking skills by performing skits, poetry and modern dance was also a strong skill I enhanced.

Continuing my studies at Cass Technical High School and Southfield High School in Michigan, the love for the Arts World followed along. As a trend setting student in high school, from my hand designed clothes I made and energetic attitude of course I was the popular kid in school. But, my Arts passion kept me grounded.  I’ve had the privilege of having the most skilled dance instructors and extraordinary performing arts mentors. They pushed me into becoming a over all Arts Fanatic with a driven attitude and I used my popularity to display my creative side to my classmates .

My love for the Arts did not stop there. I later attended Specs Howard school of Media Arts, Digital Media Arts program and Graphic Design program. Then continued my education at MaryGrove college in Detroit, Michigan where my love for Arts enhance by being apart of the Arts program where I studied Graphic Design. I also had the honor to have the experience in being apart of MaryGrove’s well-known dance department, taught by the top dance instructors in the United States.

While in college I then began hanging with like minded individuals such as myself. Art Gallery’s, where I begin filming for several classmates who displayed their own magnificent art. Live Band concerts, performed by classmates I was honored to film and also meet other great artist at the latest venues. Comedy Shows, Mandee’s lounge in Detroit, Michigan. And that is where I met my new partner in crime, my new brother from another Mother, my Best Friend. He was a thriving comedian that had everyones attention everywhere he step foot into. Then my new partner and I begin filming everywhere we went. Every comedy show he performed and every moment of his life for four years. July 2015, I lost my partner, my brother from another mother, to a fatal accident. But there is so much footage to be shared which feature the last four years of my best friend life will be created in honor of him, Alen Griggs.

For the past nine years my freelance journey as a camera operator, dance instructor, web developer, graphic designer and clothing designer will continue to strive. After moving to Atlanta I begin freelancing full time and building my brand. I’ve had the privilege to work with various established artist, celebrities, magazine companies, artist from all over the United States and numerous film productions. In the beginning of my journey in Georgia you could find me at my office located in Downtown Atlanta, but now our business has expand! We’re currently located in the growing city of Georgia, in the heart of Grayson on Highway 20.

My Love for the Arts World is everlasting! Design at Your Request is my goal in my Art World full of talent and my Artsy Journey full of success which will change History. “MegaMediaMind”, “iFineDesign” See You at the Top!

I am,


PB Productionx“-Believing in the Dream

MegaMediaMind Entertainment“-Design By The Eye

iFineDesign Boutique” –Design At Your Request

Dansi Penda Dance Company” –Love Dance, Life Moves

Watoto Fanya” –Children Create

MegaMediaMind Entertainment Studio” –World Studio of Art

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