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While searching on Google and every other search engine I notice, there was not one single website with stats and feed back like every other topic I search or Google for my special blog topic at the moment.  Which was, The percentage of African American (which they call us) families in the United States. The first links appeared in the search are; 75% Black Children grow up in single family homes, Poverty in the Black Community, Single Black Mothers raising their Sons and The number of  Black Homes Fathers never exist. Of course that was an enormous jaw dropper!

After searching through the negative news, I discovered a website that was close to the research I was searching for, finally. Listed below are a few statements that caught my attention in this article.

• Only 45% of African American households contain a married couple, compared to 80% for Whites, and 70% among Hispanics. (U.S. Census)

• In 1890, 80% of African American households were comprised of two parents. One hundred years later, only 40% of African-American children live in married-couple households.

• African Americans are significantly less likely than other racial/ethnic groups to ever marry, less likely to remarry, more likely to divorce, separate and cohabit and bear and rear children out-of-wedlock (and in mother-only households).

• There is a marriage gap in the African American community based on educational attainment. Only 28% of Blacks with no education are married compared to 55% of Blacks with a college education.

Check out the link below for more information.

Black Love Does ExisT

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