ANTI STRESS: A list of Food that help with Stress


As an infant we have the pleasure to eat mashed relaxing food feed to us by love ones. Growing into adults we gain our own perspective of pleasure foods. Would you say your choice of food has changed while growing into a young adult or even an adult? Most food advertised to us by sight and even smell may not be the best food choice for us to make. Keeping the rhythm going we observed as a infant could have a great impact on our life style, health, attitude and even stress level. What is stress level? We all have our own option of this question, but there are levels of stress. Some can be easy going when dealing with stress, others could be emotional or even violent when dealing with stress. What we consume when hungry, thirsty and even preparing for our daily snack can impact our daily health, attitude and even perspective. Check out the link below and discover the many delicious foods we can embrace in our everyday life that can change the way we think of things as well as relax our mind, body and self being.


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